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Cleanliness is next to avoidance

Since I'm cleaning my apartment and haven't updated in two days, it's a safe bet that there's either something brewing under the surface, something I'm avoiding, or both. Gamblers should place their money on the combo, though I'd be hard pressed to fill in the blanks of the equation. Best to get things done when I have the energy and desire, and not think overmuch about how life works in cycles.

Vacuum cleaners have something called a crevice tool. Who knew? Darn thing works, too.

Looking forward to trying to Post by Phone sometime in the near future. It's something I'd usually jump at, but it's come at a time when I'm more at a loss for words than usual. Probably too self conscious and should just blather on about nothing to give it a go. We'll see.


Were you making reference to me when you mentioned blathering?
Heavens no. I'm a little nervous about listening to the Princess of Pound now, though. I'm a weak, weak man.
Wise. She's passionate about that pound.
I'm fighting a cold at the moment, but am looking forward to trying the Post by Phone feature, as well ... mostly because I've got a couple of friends in the UK who just love to make fun of my accent. Go figure, right?