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Boris the Spider

I just killed the hugest spider I found on my bedroom wall. Horror show big. I used my freshman yearbook from college. Yuck.


GROSS!!!!!!!!!! I hate spiders... eesh

our friends

Spiders are our friends. Do you prefer flies? Who bothers us more? And they make great easy pets.

Re: our friends

Spiders scare the fuck out of me, which is why i HATE them. They're creepy and crawly and yuck yuck yuck. I don't have many flies where I live, so I'll take a fly over a spider any day.
Did you eat it for lunch? Yuuummy!! :-)
I hate spiders too. I had to sleep with a whole family of em while I was in Denver and it creeped the poop out of me. Yechy. They were the ones with a fat body and short legs....all hairy and fat and gross and fat and hairy...
And stuff.
Have a nice day!! :-)