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Telemarketers gone wild

Just had a telemarketer try to sell me "Girls Gone Wild" videos with new Britney Spears footage.

(I did not buy them.)


no need to buy them. i'll loan you my copy.

ummm... yes, i'm kidding, for anyone who wondered
and why not i am sure they are just choke full of educational information and stimulating content right?!
Does Washington have a 'do not call' list? Georgia has one - we paid $5 to get on it and haven't gotten a call since. Of course, now that i'm bragging about it, the phone will ring off the hook today.
Not that I'm aware of. I'm planning to disconnect the phone and go 100% mobile soon anyway. Besides, who knows when I'd miss a valuable opportunity like this one?
When you get the call for the best of Elimidate...give them my number.
The call for the best of Elimidate will probably come from your number.
Aw. You're my hero.

Or did you refuse because you already own them?

The DVDs are better.

This Stargate SG-1 stuff is addictive.