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Notes from the pub

Today's My Utmost for His Highest should be required reading. Perfectly said.

Good wind-up to the workweek today. Got most everything done that needed doing, which means I yet again have my weekend tomorrow and Saturday. John and Linn are in town this week and stopped by the office to show Don and me a house they're considering putting an offer on. Though I'll miss Dave terribly, I also very much look forward to John's beginning as our pastor in January. The house would put them just a few blocks from me, which would be kind of cool. The literature described the house as a "Grand Dame awaiting your personal touches." Besides being a bit disturbing when you think about it, I think the real estate jargon translates to, "This place looks like ass inside, but go ahead and buy it."

Alaskan Smoked Porter is a good beer. Enjoying it with a turkey grinder at the Hopvine on the way home from the church building. The bartender (she's cute as can be) complimented me on my eye contact when I got her attention to order. Best to watch the alcohol intake, lest I become a danger to self and others.

Then again, I've always liked being a little dangerous. No wonder I haven't stopped.


whoa. love that one today. required reading indeed.
Sorry that I can't compliment you on good eye contact from tonight. You kept ducking behind your notebook and I never saw your face, not even once. :-D