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Home (for now)

Took this some time ago, but a refresher never hurts:

Congratulations, you're Seattle, the Emerald City.
Contrary to popular opinion, Seattle is not as rainy as legend says. It is in fact a charming green jewel with sparkling cerulean water and verdant hills. Its isolation has made it home to free-thinking and independent individuals. Despite having the most millionaires per capita, it still has a small town atmosphere. A small town with lots of coffee that is. Java is an art there. Perhaps it is the coffee that has caused this city to give birth to twisted cartoonists and rock stars.

What US city are you? Take the quiz by Girlwithagun.


Excellent :)

I would quibble, though, with the idea that Seattle has a 'small town atmosphere'.
As a relatively new Seattlelite (5 years), I hear it has changed a lot. For me, it's much more small town than either Houston or DC– I know my neighborhood and my neighbors, and can get around on foot to all my daily needs. I'm within a 15-minute walk of my grocery store, coffee shop, barber, pub, church, and office.

But the snarl of traffic is evidence to the contrary. I count myself blessed that I've been able to choose to be carless.

I can't compare Seattle to other big cities, but the experiences I've had in real small towns is very different than I've ever had living in Seattle. Having people smile at you when you pass on the street, or meeting your eyes, for instance. People in Seattle don't do that.