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Non-negotiable Christ

Growing more and more sick of seeing Jesus cleaned up and nicely packaged so that He can be a safe, polite, predictable guest we can bring along to our parties, knowing that He won't offend any of the other guests and that He'll leave quietly when we want Him to.

Jesus is messy. He's confusing. He's disruptive. He's scandalous and offensive. He's threatening and powerful. No one nailed Him to a cross for infinite niceness.

Jesus isn't a principle. He isn't a philosophy. He isn't a teaching. He isn't a system. He isn't a slogan. He isn't a feeling. He doesn't adapt to my circumstances. He doesn't bend around my choices. He doesn't look the other way. And He isn't negotiable.

Mercy, grace, forgiveness, love, kindness, compassion, and peace are all integral parts of who He is. Yet if those qualities do not call me out of the shit, am I really taking Him seriously?

Being free isn't about having no rule but myself. And it isn't about having a rule for everything. It is about knowing the truth, knowing Him. My life should be more and more oriented around His life, His person, His values, His passions, His yeses and His nos. No picking and choosing. No love before Him.

Is His love of me and my love of Him changing how I live? Do I give up my preferences? Do I give up my principles? Do I give up my sin?

Am I letting Him remake me in His image, or am I trying to remake Him in mine? Am I His or my own?
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