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Non-negotiable Christ

Growing more and more sick of seeing Jesus cleaned up and nicely packaged so that He can be a safe, polite, predictable guest we can bring along to our parties, knowing that He won't offend any of the other guests and that He'll leave quietly when we want Him to.

Jesus is messy. He's confusing. He's disruptive. He's scandalous and offensive. He's threatening and powerful. No one nailed Him to a cross for infinite niceness.

Jesus isn't a principle. He isn't a philosophy. He isn't a teaching. He isn't a system. He isn't a slogan. He isn't a feeling. He doesn't adapt to my circumstances. He doesn't bend around my choices. He doesn't look the other way. And He isn't negotiable.

Mercy, grace, forgiveness, love, kindness, compassion, and peace are all integral parts of who He is. Yet if those qualities do not call me out of the shit, am I really taking Him seriously?

Being free isn't about having no rule but myself. And it isn't about having a rule for everything. It is about knowing the truth, knowing Him. My life should be more and more oriented around His life, His person, His values, His passions, His yeses and His nos. No picking and choosing. No love before Him.

Is His love of me and my love of Him changing how I live? Do I give up my preferences? Do I give up my principles? Do I give up my sin?

Am I letting Him remake me in His image, or am I trying to remake Him in mine? Am I His or my own?


Wow! Thanks.

I am going to print this puppy and keep it in my bible. Yep! This just wraps everything up in a nice little package for me. And you know I like nice, neat little packages. ;)

Re: Wow! Thanks.

Oh! But of course I will *bleep* the word Sh** before I slip it in the good book. heh

Re: Wow! Thanks.

That's what I was thinking too...

Banzai, this made me think of a song. Since I can't write like you do, I think I'll just post the lyrics in my journal ;)
this is beautiful...what you wrote is my heart on the subject, thanks for putting it into words. and the shit word was perfect there... i fully believe in combining our real world speak with godspeak --even when talking to Him...

That seems to be what David did in his psalms. Not only was he "a man after God's own heart," but those psalms have been carried forward to teach us to pray today. And David was a pretty big screw up, just like me. He just knew what to do about it and who to trust.
Preach it.

There's a book I'd like to recommend.

It's called the "Jesus the Fool" by Michael Frost.

(Think fool as in jester, rather than idiot)

I think you'd love it.
I'm going to keep an eye out for this.
AMEN seriously.. sometimes I just want to shake things up.. the common ill amongst christians today isn't hypocricy.. it's COMPLACENCY!!

Shake it up

Tired of complacency and just "playing church" in a church that seems to lack the priorities it preaches. This is exactly the message that I needed to hear. We're sometimes all to ready to sit in cushy comfy Sunday seats. We need to squirm. We need to be moved.

To those that the inane question "what would Jesus drive?": I would say Jesus would drive a Harley Davidson or a custom chopper, because He's the ultimate rebel!

Re: Shake it up

that's totally what i think. i think Jesus is the ultimate punk rocker. he would give the strokes a run for their money.
Great post. Thanks for saying it. I'm so sick of people who want to package Christ.

I once had a dream about Him and he was long-haired, dirty and unkept (probably like most 1st centuary Jews). It was a little shocking but it didn't make me love Him any the less. He was still what He is. That was all that mattered.