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Catch up (not ketchup)

Proving my commitment to stating the obvious: I've been slack in my journalling in recent days. Being back in a work routine bumped some of my other disciplines and routines out of whack. Fear not-- I should be sliding into new rhythms soon.

Joy, joy, joy of working! Not of the "every day is a party" variety, but rather a sense of meaningful contribution and deep gratitude. I'm learning new things and building new relationships, and my gifts are appreciated and put to use. I'm surrounded by good people who, like me, are trusting Jesus and learning what that means daily. It doesn't make anything or anyone perfect, but we are free to struggle. Joy!

More and more friend time lately as well. Friday night was spent with the Drurys, watching Being John Malkovich and playing Scrabble (David beat my hiney by an embarassing margin). Saturday was beer and pizza with Connor, a friendship I really appreciate from my "former life."

Speaking of former lives, I recently learned that my friend Lori from Iowa will in fact be moving to Seattle later this month. My feelings are excitedly mixed. We were close friends, but there were also times I thought I might want more. We are also very different in many ways, as well as different from who we were. Time alone will tell what this phase of our friendship will be like.

Need to check the laundry.

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