Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Awaiting panang salmon

Snowflakes make a different sound when they hit my umbrella; soft thuds rather than the sharp impact of raindrops. Even if I hadn't had the eyes to see this morning's cold rain turn to flurries, the sound under my umbrella as I walked to church would have been a tip-off.

Tired today– only a few hours of sleep last night, then a few more between getting home this afternoon and this evening's prayer service. Now I'm waiting on my panang salmon, which will be a great treat before prayer. May go out with people afterward for dessert and Compline service at St. Mark's.

Excited at the possibility of having no firm evening committments until Saturday. Saturday! There are things I could do, but nothing that I must. That makes all the difference. May turn things down just for the sake of a break, though I want to be wise about the investment of my time this week. In whom will I invest? In what? Where will I spend it? How? I want to begin asking myself these simple questions at the beginning of each week and answering them in finite terms, because time and energy are finite. My Lord reserves the right to change my plans, but it is good to be deliberate about my stewardship of time, to accept my limits and learn to work within them.

Time for dinner.

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