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Kicking against the goads

Why is it God's mercy that I fight against? And when I struggle with Him, isn't that always what I'm fighting, or what I don't believe?

Giving up is the only way to win.


I think at some level we all struggle against God's mercy- because it's so outrageous in comparison to anything else in our experience. We wouldn't, or couldn't, have such mercy on ourselves and therefore we struggle with the very idea that God will and can.

Yep, giving up the fight is the only way to win. That's a brilliant way of putting it.

God bless
Then what was Jacob wrestling against when he struggled with the angel of the LORD all night? Was he not pursuing God's blessing? Was there something he didn't believe?
Jacob would not have wrestled with God if he was on a beach instead of a mountain.


bye noodle. I'll miss you.