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Something I've been meaning to mention for a week or so: the word "pants" is funny.

Pants. Pants. Pantspantspantspantspants.

It just sounds funny.

I've decided to incorporate a new expression into my personal vernacular, and have co-opted some of my friends into the conspiracy. The phrase:

"That really irons my pants."

Use as you will. It's always funny.

In case there's still any question as to the solidity of my thesis, try this one instead:

"That really irons my shirt."

Nothing. Therefore, the word "pants" is funny.


Did you know that "Pants!" is an expression in the UK? It means something like, "Forget that!" or "No way!" or "That sucks!".
at any rate, I'm sure you'd agree that the word ""pants" is better than the word "slacks."
Agreed, although "slacks" does have a little of the funny ("That really irons my slacks").
agreed, although that was merely a jab at chippa, due to his irrational aversion to the word slacks.
Oh, do jab away-- by all means!
Okay, Amy, you soooo did not have to go there.
oooooohhhh, it's too late. I am so there. And you have thoughtfully provided me a list of other words with which to make future jabs. ;)