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Something I've been meaning to mention for a week or so: the word "pants" is funny.

Pants. Pants. Pantspantspantspantspants.

It just sounds funny.

I've decided to incorporate a new expression into my personal vernacular, and have co-opted some of my friends into the conspiracy. The phrase:

"That really irons my pants."

Use as you will. It's always funny.

In case there's still any question as to the solidity of my thesis, try this one instead:

"That really irons my shirt."

Nothing. Therefore, the word "pants" is funny.


I've gotten into the habit of using the word 'trousers' instead.

Strange because I actually find that word disturbing.
maybe Pantaloons? lol.

you have a fascinating eye, really.
Whenever I hear the word pantaloons (and that's oh, so often) I think of this cat my sister used to have.... he was white and fluffy and had billowing hair on his legs- what my sister used to call his pantaloons.

That is a hIlarious word.