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Scattered and boring

There's great variability in the times I spend at Victrola. When I arrive early in the morning (or occasionally late in the evening), I'm often contemplative in the relative quiet. At higher traffic times, when the noise is greater, I'm less settled and more active, catching up on emails and doing other kinds of work. Now there's a steady murmur and piano music, so my ability to focus on any one thing is limited. No deep thoughts this morning, so some things will need to wait.

Enjoying my first outing with my new PowerBook battery. Three hours is a definite improvement over the less-than-45-minutes to which my original battery had declined. Thursday brought a few frustrations with botched orders and deliveries: one was the staples for the copier (which resulted in my needing to work yesterday), and the other was the battery, which I'd ordered with 2nd day air shipping last Friday. The company was rude when I followed up, and it managed to show up at my home Thursday afternoon, remaining with UPS because I wasn't home. Thank heavens for technology, because I was able to simply reroute it to the office via the web, and it reached me while I was catching up on the copying yesterday morning.

Also learned how to remedy the LCD burn-in my screensaver has caused on my PowerBook (yes, it's stupid that a screensaver caused burn-in, but primarily my stupidity). That's a relief– I paid too much to have this screen replaced a few months ago just to have it damaged by my being a bonehead.

Wow, this isn't even vaguely interesting. Sorry.

Day off today, though I do have some work ahead in locking down volunteers for Sunday. God's never failed to make it happen yet. It's good to have a day without further obligations. I'll likely guard it fiercely.

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