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A holiday I'm sorry I missed

Apparently 15 October was Illogical Rubbish Day. I ♥ chippa, in a purely Christian, heterosexual way.


Hmmm... I think I [heart] chippa, too.

Speaking of love, how are you?
Good, blessed. There are rough spots sometimes, but all things are being worked together for my good. How are you? In the home stretch, I hope. You're in my thoughts and prayers.
I definitely ♥ him, too, in a purely Christian, best-friend-in-law sort of way. :)
A lot of purity and ♥ going around.
I missed Illogical Rubbish Day???!?!?!?

Thankfully, there's no shortage of illogical rubbish on other days...
I know, right?
Hey, thanks! BTW, I spent my birthday, October 16th (not to be overshadowed by Illogical Rubbish Day) at RTS in Charlotte checking things out and talking to the Admissions folks. It was a good way to spend my 32nd birthday.
Rock on. Much less rubbish. Happy belated!
you're so cool!!

chik chik chik is all the rage in brooklyn.
I cheat a little– KEXP is broadcasting from NYC this week.