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Margin in autumn

The cancellation of today's Finance Team meeting bought me a couple of hours of needed margin between morning worship/work and tonight's prayer meeting. Choosing to be thankful for what I've gotten out of the deal rather than frustrated by the hours of work I logged for a meeting that didn't happen. The work needed to be done anyway, sometime, and frustration in the past doesn't diminish the value of some margin and rest today.

Excited for the pastoral candidate coming this weekend. Though I'll miss Dave, it's time to look forward, and this is a big step in doing so. Knowing John before and outside of his candidacy also makes me feel good about him as a possibility for us. We'll meet right after he preaches Sunday to vote on whether to extend a call to him. Some members have expressed nervousness about voting so quickly, but the fact is that the Pulpit Committee has prayed, researched, and interviewed extensively before nomination, and there won't be any more information for us to consider after his time with us. More time on the back end would likely just be fertile ground for gossip and worry, rather than serving any good purpose. We really need to stop that as a church– the antidote is genuine love for others and genuine faith in the sovereign goodness of God. I pray He would give us those things.

Autumn is happening, as I noted walking yesterday. Seattle autumns don't necessarily bring spectacular displays of color, but there is still great beauty to be discovered when I pause and look. Amazing colors and patterns are still present; they are more subtle and hidden, revealing themselves fully only when I slow down. Thank God for this. It is the very thing I need.

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