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On the flip side

Great U.S.E. show last night at Vera. Always end up with a huge silly grin when I see them play, and I know that's exactly the point. Crowd loved them, of course, and a fun bunch from WWU were especially enthusiastic. Makes for a good, good time. Connor hadn't seen them before; glad that injustice is now rectified. He did the closest thing I've ever seen to Connor dancing, so that's saying something.

Enjoying some downtime before tonight's show, which promises to be equally fun. Planning to spend some time with the boys this afternoon readying Dolour EPs for tonight's release. They're quite tasty. Sara wants to help as well– she loves this business, and why not? It's an amazing joy and privilege to bring good music to people, one I'm blessed to have as part of my mission yet again. Funny how what seems like a different path still leads to some of the same places.

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