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You are concerned with me

You are concerned with me.

You, Creator of the Universe, have known me from the beginning, the beginning You began, in my inmost places, the places where Your Spirit now chooses to dwell.

You are concerned with me, Lord of Lords, seeing me in the sea of all that is, taking notice of me not because of anything about me, but because of who You are.

You are concerned with me, Good Shepherd, who sought me while I was lost, who comforts me with rod and staff, who leads me where I must go.

You are concerned with me, Mighty Warrior, enough to fight and die for me, to free me from the slavery I was born into and the slavery I flee back to.

You are concerned with me, Friend of Sinners, and call me to community. You give me sweet fellowship to remind me who You are and encourage me to run the race set before me among a great cloud of witnesses.

You are concerned with me, Bread of Life, and sustain me with Your very body and blood, as well as giving me immesurably more than I could ask or imagine.

You are concerned with me, Lamb of God, laying down Your life for me because it was Yours to give, the only sacrifice which could cover and heal my sin.

You are concerned with me, Bridegroom of the Church. You wooed me and made me clean, so that I may know Your perfect love in all its fullness.

You are concerned with me, Abba, because You love me.
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