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Unexpected respite

Walking to the office, I just realized that I don't have anything scheduled for this Thursday evening. Can't desribe how happy this makes me.

The smell of coffee roasting at Caffe Vita as I near the office is delightful.


Don't worry, something will come up. :-D Such is life....

Caffé Vita?

What can you tell me about this coffee? I'm an aficionado and have been looking for some new blends to try ... I feel so stereotypical with my Starbucks sitting on the counter.

I think sometimes the idea of free time can be sweeter than its actual experience. At least, this has been my experience. I get all excited about a free evening, and then spend my time losing brain cells in front of the ubiquitous television or (worse yet!) the ol' PC.

Unless, of course, I spend it in Bible study. Then, how rich I feel!

Re: Caffé Vita?

Caffe Vita espresso is smooth and rich, with (if I remember right) a slightly nutty flavor. If it's pulled right, it gets a good, thick crema.
Hope you enjoyed your evening to yourself. And you get extra points for using the word respite. ;)