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barlow_girl suggested that I take this survey on preferred styles of worship. My highest scores:
  • Ascetic (24)
  • Intellectual (22)
  • Contemplative (21)
And yes, the fact that some of the types at the end are listed in the singular and others in the plural does indeed annoy me. Thanks so much.


my three highest

Contemplative: 20

Caregiver: 18

Intellectual: 18

That was very valuable. Thanks :-)

Caregiver (22)
Activist (18)
Enthusiast (17)
Contemplative, Intellectual and Ascetic (16)
Naturalist (14)
Traditionalist (12)
Sensate (11)
There's no way to prove it, you'll just have to believe me, but those 3 were my guesses for your top 3. I guessed that Ascetic would be your highest and it was a toss-up as to which of the other 2 would come in next.

I think it was the post about being a monk that tipped me off - or maybe about being at Victrola before 7 am.

Those are my top 3 as well.
I believe you– I'm not that much of a cynic. And I suspected we might test similarly.

I posted about being a monk? Well, I have the poverty and chastity things down, but I don't do so well with the silence...
I guess I'm probably the cynic. Comes with my job.

and you didn't use the word monk, but you may as well have:

Ah, that was a bit monkish, wasn't it? But understand that the hooded robe was originally a gift to the third season cast and crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation from Jonathan Frakes. My geekery is eclectic.

What is this job that comes complete with cynicism? I may be pre-qualified.
public accounting. the euphemism is "professional skepticism" but really I think it just hardens people into workaholic cynics. Don't enter this career - on pain of life!
Thanks so much for posting your results! By the way, I have big BIG issues w/ people who make words plural when they shouldn't be plural. Like, "Wal-Marts". UGH!

We have a road here in Mobile called Schillinger, but everyone (my boss included) pronounces is Schillingers. Drives me freaking crazy.
i completely agree with you on this. but consider this...lets say you have a friend paul. you say "i'm going over to paul's," implying maybe paul's house, paul's work, etc. or maybe none of these. but those who add the "s" are simply making it possessive . my theory. feel free to poke holes in it.
No, that's totally fine and good grammar. What I do when people say, "Anyone want to go to Wal-Marts" is ask in reply, "Wal-Mart's what? Automotive Department? Wal-Mart's Pharmacy?"

They never get it. I think it is because they are too stupid.
Naturalist: 17

Sensate: 11

Traditionalist: 13

Ascetic: 14

Activist: 12

Caregiver: 18

Enthusiast: 19

Contemplative: 18

Intellectual: 17