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No rush

Haven't sat down at Victrola for some time until now. Busy, busy, busy. When I'm too busy, I don't enjoy packing up and heading out; when Victrola's too busy, I don't enjoy the noise and crowd. Before 7:30 on Sunday, things are quiet indeed.

Not a lot of rest last night, but it'll do. Not dragging yet, so things should go OK for me at work. Hope I'm not irritable; being grumpy on Sunday mornings just makes me moreso as the day rolls on.

This would be a good place to keep an office.

Looking forward to worship, because I need it.


?Victrola? A cafe? Care to elaborate?

I would be interested to see how your results are on the worship-style quiz I posted last Sunday. I have a guess as to your style.

Ah, Victrola is my local independent coffeehouse and community hub. It's a few blocks from my place and the owners have become friends. Many of my entries are written from there (this comment, however, is written from the #43 bus).

I'll make time to take the quiz soon, but once I share, you have to share your guess.
So how was it? Your morning? Your attitude?
The morning went smoothly and without casualty, though I didn't flow into worship as I'd like. Still good, and got a nap in before Grace On Tap at the Conor Byrne Pub this evening. Great lineup, good ale, good fellowship, good times.
You should sleep. It feels good. But I do think I remember something from school about a certain scientist who held a bowling ball in his hands while he fell asleep so that he wouldn't go into REM sleep. That way he fell asleep and got rested, but not too rested, and not under-rested either. Interesting idea...
I wouldn't try it without steel toe boots on though...:)
I shall have to visit this Victrola you so talk about. Sounds like a nice place..
Take care, and God Bless!