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Mercy in miles

Thought that my desire to just shake someone had peaked, but there's always a new person and a new reason. It's a good thing that some things aren't within my reach. Need to pray more, and deal with the question of whether wishing I could do more than pray is a sin.


Have you answered the question yet? I personally don't think wishing is a sin, but acting sure is! (The Bible does say, "In your anger do not sin.") But I could be wrong.
It is an interesting question - makes me think of the sermon on the mount where Jesus says that even lusting in your heart is the same as adultery - but I agree with you about the anger thing in Ephesians, also in Hebrews where it says Christ was "tempted in all things as we are" yet we know He was blameless/sinless.

so maybe when we wish we could do more than pray (I have done it many times, some recently), the first thing we should do is pray to begin to see the power of our prayers?
I think you've got it right. :)