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Stay put!

What is it with people moving? I've been asked to help three people move within the last week. Stop it, all of you. It's just getting silly.


I don't care what you say...

I do hate to disappoint you, but as soon as we can move, I'm doing it. :)

Re: I don't care what you say...

Well, don't be calling me for help.

I know two people who are moving soon.
Three if I can count myself (the second interview is tomorrow).

But wait, there's more...

Since writing this entry, learned that a friend on a 10-day mission trip to China was unexpectedly offered a full-time position there and accepted.

Re: But wait, there's more...


Re: But wait, there's more...

At least I don't have to help her move (I don't think...)
I move in three weeks... care to help? ;)

Your comment page is SO hard to read!!!
Your comment page is SO hard to read!!!

Due to layout, color, font, all of the above, other?
It's the colors... that black bar makes it where I can't read names very well. But it COULD just be me. ;)
Could make the coffee mug icons most confusing... ;)
I'm moving.


New job?


And chef!
Mental image of Chef from South Park bouncing through my head.
replace that with 'Iron Chef' and we're in bidness
I liked the special version hosted by William Shatner. Love the Shat.
of course you do. :)