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The great divorce

Sara called tonight— Christopher is filing for divorce. She's drawing strength from Christ in Word and prayer. Wish she had more fellowship in the midst, yet it is good that she learns to lean on God in a very new, very desperate way. There was hope in her voice, not hope rooted in him, but hope rooted in Him. The hope of the desperate has a reality and a beauty, a truth that is unmatched elsewhere.

Things are bad when divorce isn't the worst thing in the picture. Christopher's decision is part of a larger, darker problem. He's walking away from her because he's walking away from everything, including Jesus. Pray that I, too, would be desperate on his behalf, rather than simply resigning myself to the worst case scenario. Futility is safer and less painful than hope; it has often been my cold comfort.

Bring the pain. And the hope.


:( Well, you know from my entry yesterday that I can relate. Praying for you and your friend.
Thanks so much, Brenda.

It's his relationship with Jesus that's really the key– if he weren't abandoning Him, he wouldn't be abandoning her. Only Christ knows the state of his soul; I will be praying for his return.
wow. thanks for reminding me i'm often too quick to resign myself to the worst-case scenario. i will pray for him and you.
Thanks so much, Amy.
p.s. I did the "thanks so much" on purpose in your case. ;)
TSM for pointing that out. ;)
i remember having a conversation with friends recently about how we have to pray for our married christian friends because not even they are susceptible to divorce. and i guess, sadly enough, it's true.
Not only that, but divorce is so devastating, so literally heartbreaking that faith and hope in God can hang on the line. It is a strategic move of the enemy to cause this kind of pain.
I was listening to a study on the MARRIAGE CONTRACT and when two people come together as one for the GLORY OF GOD, they must realize their commitment is not only to each other, but to everyone that THEY AS ONE come in contact with throughout their lives. Therefore when people allow their marriage contract to be broken in this way, they not only destroy the marriage but everyone in the community related to them are affected severely. The way your heart is aching serves to prove the point well. I'm sorry to hear their relationship has come to this. I know you have been praying a lot over this. God surely knows. He knows!
Oh my.

This saddens me, my friend. I know how deeply you care for these people and for their faith.

May God use you in their lives.
an all too familliar story. happily ever after doesn't seem to be the conclusion. perhaps we'll all be surprised. for certain He isn't.
Therein lies the problem. If I tried to walk away from Jesus, He would follow me! I just know it.

CAN you walk away from God? Where the hell do you hide? Where can you be that He is not? Dunno.

I'm sort of glad it is that way, actually.