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"He must become greater; I must become less."

—John the Baptist (John 3:30)

Wanted to be up a bit earlier, but the discipline will have to be built. It is in the building of discipline that my lack of discipline shows. In an impulse so base and contradictory as to be idiotic, I want discipline now, immediately, so that I can simply and instantly be the kind of person who is disciplined and enjoy the benefits of a disciplined life. Beyond foolish.

Grace and righteousness have been instantly imparted to me in Christ, once and for all. But discipline is a thing which must be built stone by stone in each life once the Chief Cornerstone has been set. Discipline may involve a variety of things, but it is always, always intimately connected to patience.

Easily said...

Glad to be going back into the office today. Yesterday was refreshing. Leaning toward not going to any of the Pulpit Committee house meetings this week; I know what I need to and my presence doesn't have any clear benefits. I do hope others go, however, especially as we grieve and struggle to reach peace with the committee's decision. God is in this; it is important that we wrestle and do not let go until He blesses us— until we realize that He already has, that He is the one who will not let go.

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