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The day in review

Bummer #1: I got bummed about the silliest thing in the world just before heading to the movie. On my way out, one of my neighbors stopped me and asked what I did for a living, as she and her boyfriend were curious. I told her, and she said "Oh, we thought maybe you had some cool job like a game designer or something because of all the cool stuff in your apartment." It was a total compliment, meant as such, and yet I couldn't help thinking, "Man, I wish I was as cool as that!"

Fun: As expected, I did see Planet of the Apes at the Cinerama today. I think the matinee was the way to go— reminded me of the fun of the originals.

Weird: I ended up running into Seth and Shannon at the movie. The weird part is that I was going to go with them yesterday but ended up getting busy at work. They weren't able to see it yesterday, either, and even though I came into a 90% full theater at the last minute, there was one seat next to them.

Bummer #2: Again, not a real bummer per se— I did my semi-annual clothes shopping. 6 shirts, 4 pairs of khakis, 2 pairs of jeans, and a pair of casual pants for just under $300. A good deal, certainly, but the combination of spending that much money, navigating through sometimes rude shoppers, and the inevitable body image garbage just left me feeling a little down.

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