Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
Maximillian Amadeus Banzai

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Headache today. Don't get them often, so I'm kind of a big weenie about them when I do. I don't like my head messed with, on any level. Suspect it's a side effect of trying (not) to get sick; I've felt the requisite fuzzyheadedness off and on for a few days. A nap and a turkey dinner helped. I'll fight as long as I can.

Bachelor party for a young friend this Friday. He's a Christian, which means things will be pretty safe (and does not mean that a stripper will pop out of a cake dressed as the Church Lady). Though it's last-minute, I find myself honored to be on the groom's short invite list. Want to celebrate with him with joy.
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