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Headache today. Don't get them often, so I'm kind of a big weenie about them when I do. I don't like my head messed with, on any level. Suspect it's a side effect of trying (not) to get sick; I've felt the requisite fuzzyheadedness off and on for a few days. A nap and a turkey dinner helped. I'll fight as long as I can.

Bachelor party for a young friend this Friday. He's a Christian, which means things will be pretty safe (and does not mean that a stripper will pop out of a cake dressed as the Church Lady). Though it's last-minute, I find myself honored to be on the groom's short invite list. Want to celebrate with him with joy.


bachelor parties

You would NOT believe HOW HARD I had to insist on one condition for my bachelor party: that there be NO X-rated entertainment. I told the organizers that if they snuck it in on me, or "kidnapped" me to a tittie bar, or something like that, I would walk out and never speak to any of them again -- and I meant it. Fortunately, they complied.

Re: bachelor parties

When I was best man for my friend Christopher, I opted for a comedy club. Bad idea.
Bachelorette parties can be just as frightening.

Thankfully people warn me about such things so I can leave before the "fun" begins.

I'm actually quite enjoying that everyone I know is getting married. I feel like we're all finally at an age when it's okay to get married. A few years ago I would simply worry about the couple... now I can be happy and give it to God. :)
This groom is 19, so I give it to God all the more.

i can't believe i'm writing this in a public comment

i've come to a conclusion that christian bachelor parties generally consist of either a lot of video games and pizza... or fraternity hazing..

yes.. on the night before one of my friend's wedding... we shaved one of his legs, wrote with sharpies all over him, including the drawing of a penis on his neck, and tic tac toe games on his back. Then we made him wear a dress, heels, and a wig.. and took him to the metropolitan grill.. and forced him to walk down pioneer square wearing all that crap.

most of the sharpie marker washed off in time for his wedding the next day.
Here's hoping that you don't get sick, or that if you do, God is somehow glorified through it.

And, I gotta add, Dave's bachelor party had better be tamer than what some of your friends have mentioned here! His cousin is going to be organizing it. My best friend (and Maid of Honor) will be organizing my bachelorette party, which is going to be a lingerie party. Dave and I set three ground rules: no hospital, no police, and no strippers! I don't think Sharon will have a hard time following those rules, but Dave's cousin at least joked about how to bend them!