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A few questions, a few answers

Have you ever been arrested?

No. I have, however, committed arrestable offenses, though that's far in the past. Mostly.

Do you still believe in love?

Without a doubt. I'll stop believing in everything else first.

What's your lifestory, all the way to the present?

Tried writing it twice before (again, some time ago). Too long. So here's a thumbnail:
I grew up in rural Iowa and have since lived in Houston, the DC area, and now Seattle. Used to work in higher education and am currently the administrator for my church and a partner in a record label.

God has shown me mercy and grace from the beginning for no reason other than love. There's a war in my past and a war in my future. Used to think I knew what my life would look like; now I have no idea. Tried to be normal for a while, then traded that in for trying to be faithful. It's a good trade but a harder path.

All the things you never talk about.

Believe it or not, they're pretty much all here in my journal, too– just a little harder to see.

Have a question? Ask me here.


That's funny... I didn't know you listened to Over The Rhine.

But I guess it fits.

I'm all over the place. They're very listenable, though I confess I haven't (yet) developed into a major fan, which seems to be LJ heresy as I look at my friends list.
indeed :)
Doesn't everyone listen to Over the Rhine? ;)
I've noticed that very few people on the west coast have actually ever heard of them.

Not like I've polled people and know everyone on the west coast :)

I was just teasing. I think they are still fairly unknown although it does depend what circle you travel in. Seems most of my friends (real life or online) enjoy OtR, but that may be because I know a lot of people because of the band.

I'm not sure about the west coast. They play shows out here that get pretty full, so someone must know them. :)
is rural iowa worth going to? the university of iowa has the nation's best creative writing program. but the thought of being in iowa... not so appealing.
For that program, it's definitely worth it. And Iowa City is very different from most of the rest of the state. It's no metropolis, to be sure, but it has a lot more of a social and cultural scene than pastures and cornfields.
how is the christian community there?
One of the good things about Iowa City is that it doesn't carry the same tendency toward cultural Christianity as much of the rest of the state, so those who are Christians there tend to be more authentic. So I believe you can find what you're looking for. And I definitely believe that He will take care of you regardless.