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Since I've been having trouble writing, I thought I'd give anyone who reads this the opportunity to ask me anything. I'll answer your question in a later entry (or decline, most diplomatically).

Poll #171709 Ask Banzai

What do you want to know?


Oh man! Are you serious? *rubs hands together* Where to begin? Where to BEGIN? Oh, and owing to the fact that I live in california, you can understand why I have had it with politics. Therefore, I refuse to accept any of your diplomatic, "I decline to comment" responses to my question(s). That will never do! :)
Well, I can always answer in my usual way and leave everyone guessing...

(the questions have been interesting so far)
Bwaaa haaa haaa!! Let's just see you try; I know how to decipher your cryptic Banzai-speech now. :-D