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Going camping with friends from church tomorrow afternoon until Tuesday. Haven't been since living in Seattle and am excited for the time away. We're off to Sedro Woolley area and the Northern Cascades, which I expect to be beautiful. Plan to read, write, think, pray, and deepen relationships. Not wanting recreation so much as re-creation, the renewal of my heart, soul, mind, and strength by my Creator.

Much as I look forward to the time, there is an aspect of leaving that makes me uneasy. Being incommunicado for a couple of days breaks a vigil I have maintained for some time— not one I was asked to keep, but one I've honored because I could do no other. Yet I am reminded of my own exhortation to a friend: those whom God has, He has, and they can and must be entrusted fully to His care. Thus, my vigil will not be truly broken.

Besides which, presence is sometimes neither determined nor dictated by the usual channels of communication. I will be present still.


have a wonderful time. You will be missed.
Have a good time!!
This is a wonderful place to go camping... it reminds me of a Robert Frost poem...
The woods are lovely, dark and deep...

I look forward to hearing what God does during your time away.
Wow, I'm so jealous! I hope you have a great time up there. I love the Cascades. Stay warm and safe!
Have a nice trip! It sounds wonderful. I love nature.