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I don't feel like it

The day calls for more than I want to give. Off to meet with Annette, Heather, and Nate in a few minutes. Need to do Finance Team work and arrange volunteers this afternoon (nice anxiety dream last night, thanks). Would even love to be able to enjoy Aliens at the Fremont Outdoor Cinema this evening, but life probably won't permit that much time. So all I really want to do is crawl back into bed and curl up into a ball for a long, long time.

Press on.


My dad always says,

"It's not hypocrisy to disobey your feelings."

Re: My dad always says,

Your dad is a wise man.

Re: My dad always says,

I like to think so. Glad you agree.
There's nothing wrong with a nice, long sleep (desperately needed it last night, so I opted for 12 hours - 9 to 9). Why not skip the movie and trade for sleep? You shouldn't feel guilty over it, if that's what you're up to.
I traded and then some– I opted not to do the Finance Team work, either. It's about time folks started to learn that I have limits, even if that carries consequences.