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The day in food and activity

Lunch with Nate at Torero's; the small super nachos with chicken beat me hands down. He's doing OK and experiencing a peace that suggests God's reassurance. Even so, there's something a bit distant between us, though I'm inclined to think the answers will more likely be found on my end.

Jeremy and I had dinner at Bangkok on Fifteen ("Thai iced tea") and went to Pacific Place to catch 28 Days Later. We saw Connor and Sara there, and though Sara tried to persuade us to see Seabiscuit with them, we stood our ground (I do, however, intend to see it as well). The film isn't one I can give a blanket recommendation for— it's terribly disturbing both in content and due to extreme violence— but it's also quite thought provoking, especially for those with affinity for apocalyptic themes. A note to Jim the protagonist: life at the end of the world doesn't require you to be half or fully nude very often. In fact, I recommend something in black and red. Trust me on this one.

Now I'm settling in with a glass of cold milk and a plate of chocolate mint cookies from the freezer. That's the best.

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