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Counting blessings

Went for a walk along 18th this morning, catching a bit of the sunrise over the Cascades. Need to be up sooner to see it all, and the view is catch-as-catch-can, yet there's glory in it nonetheless. Walked with Earl Grey steaming in my mug and noticed that the morning smelled like Maryland. Yesterday morning it was Houston. Will the scent of Iowa be carried on tomorrow's morning breezes?

Blessed to live in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. No doubt.

Got home from work around 22:30 yesterday. Leadership Team was long and intense. Suffering now and ahead; I do not fear it or want to run from it. Difficult times bring to life a different part of me, an important part, one that senses the critical points and how to navigate them as well as glimpsing the bigger story. God is up to something redemptive and good— we are beyond blessed to be called to live into it as His church, His body.

Today has some Finance Team work ahead, lunch with Nate, and dinner with Jeremy. I want to pursue strong, deep, real relationships with these men— comrades-at-arms in glorious battle under the same General, brothers with wild hearts on the greatest adventure. Yet another blessing.

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