Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Of dusting and dogs

Finally finished cleaning my living room last night. Based on the fact that it took me nearly a week, you'd think it was the size of a football field or something. No, no, I was just a little busy and a whole lot lazy. I'd put it off for longer than I can remember, which makes for a much bigger task in the long run. Having half of my furniture stacked up in my bedroom was sufficient annoyance/incentive to motivate me to completion, though. My favorite moment had to be when my newly (and apparently improperly) installed vacuum bag blew the front off of my vacuum, covering the room in dust all over again. Entropy is hereby confirmed as natural law.

Along with at least 93% of the industrialized world, I'm quite glad it's Friday. No big plans, though Planet of the Apes is likely to make the docket at some point this weekend. I bet/hope it'll play at Cinerama, and I'm willing to wait until it does.

My heart is being warmed by the idyllic portrait of a man and his dog. Nothing fancy, just a dog outside the coffee shop that loves his master so much that he scratched at the glass door until he came out. The dog fairly vibrated with excitement and is now calm at the feet of his master. Oh, that I should love my Master so simply and purely!

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