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Started filing today. Not sure why; just sick of everything I suppose. Maybe I wanted some small thing on which I could impose order, something in my life I could categorize and lock away. The stacks and slips of paper reminded me that I haven't done any recordkeeping since 28 November. I know why.

The satisfaction of doing this is small at best. Even this simple task is too big for me, takes more effort than I'm willing to give it. Though some paper made it into files and into the cabinet, still more lies in piles behind me. It's a pretty apt metaphor.

Woke up late this morning and had to dash off to work before I could shave. My unkemptness is probably suitable.

I'm OK. I'm just not happy, and that happens sometimes. Maybe I'll stop running.


Saw a picture of you tonight. It surprised me. It's funny how we humans have preconceived ideas of each other's appearances based on, oh, personality, interests, etc. And vice versa, we often ascribe personality traits and such to people based on their appearance.
Don't worry, Mr. Secrets. You are pretty entrenched in your obscurity here on the internet; no one's going to be stealing your identity -- or stalking you -- any time soon.


Is your name really Bonni Joy?? I have a good friend named Bonnie Joy! She says she only knows of two other people with that name (both spelled with an 'e' on the end). She found them on an online search. That would be cool if I could tell her I found another!

Re: *curious*

Hello!! Yes, I'm a Bonni Joy, without the 'e' on the end. My dad is all for economy, and he was adamant about not adding that 'e' -- "It sounds just the same with five letters; there's absolutely no logical reason to add a sixth." Yeah, um, okay, Dad. :-D