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To will one thing

Purity of heart is to will one thing.

—Søren Kierkegaard

Funny how there always seems to be a confrontation waiting to happen. Today it was label stuff; who knows what it'll be tomorrow. Not terrible by any means. Continue to be a firm believer that much good can come of confrontation: honesty, clarity, and the simple but deep reassurance that disagreement doesn't end relationship. I just wonder.

I wonder what life is supposed to look like. Is it supposed to be this cluttered, this messy, this unfocused? Am I supposed to be this aimless, ambivalent, or angry? I can't think so.

There's something harsher in my disposition of late. Perhaps it is also both necessary and good, a sharpening of my edge. Whether as a scalpel or a weapon, I must be certain I am in the right hands to be used— hands that still bear the holes of His sacrifice.


Very interesting and insightful thoughts.. Thank you for reminding me think today :O) God Bless you!!
I'm sure life isn't supposed to be this way, but I think in Heaven we'll get to experience the ideal. :) I'm looking forward to it!