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You wouldn't like me when I'm angry

My fuse is so short that my temper borders on a preemptive strike. Ahead today at work: a mailing, the Order of Worship, paying bills, filing reports, and trying to stay sane. If I can make it, maybe I can have a weekend tomorrow and Saturday.

I'm really tired of the sun. Really, really tired of it.

Dave's second interview for the permanent pastor position is tonight. He needs my prayer. I'm frustrated to find myself selfish and full of anger at a time when so many need intercession. Such is war.

I'm craving a good fight.


All this sun & warm temps makes me short-tempered too. Ugh.
What kind of church (denomination)?
We're part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).
Ooooh, I bet that's how I got you on my friend's list then. We're PCA too. In fact, Fall 2004 I'm starting seminary. Right now I'm looking at RTS Charlotte and Orlando, Westminster in Philly, Covenant in St. Louis, and Knox in Miami. Any suggestions?
Our pastors have been RTS Orlando alums, and that's also where we've sent all of our seminarians. So there definitely seems to be a tendency to lean that way in our circles.

a dramatic interlude

Shimel: No, not here!!

Melech: C'mon, brother, I'm ready for a good fight.

Shimel: All in good time, my friend. But first we must find out other brothers in the cause.

Melech: Dathan!!

Dathan: Melech, you made it. You must be Shimel.

Melech: What happened?!

Dathan: The Romans, they attacked the caves at Arbel. They scaled over cliffs, down ropes, and attacked us while we slept!!

Melech: These Romans, they will stop at nothing. Come on!!

Simeon: You think that you can defeat Rome with your bare hands. You are but a speck of dirt before Herod and his army. What weapon do you have to drive Rome out?

Shimel: I have my trusty companion, old man, this is all I need.

Melech: Shimel. Save the arrogance for the women back home.

Dathan: They take our food, they take our land, they take our families. And eventually, old man, they will take our very lives. Now what hope can you offer us?

Simeon: Hope does not come from me, but from the God of our fathers. Messiah will come.

Shimel: And when will that be, when my beard turns gray? No, I want to see Rome fall while I can still stand.

Rachel: I fear that you are wasting your time. The only hope the zealots see is in the sword.

Simeon: You, you think that you can defeat Rome and restore hope with your bare hands. There is not a weapon forged nor a strategy formed that could conquer Rome.

[Shimel and Melech run at Simeon with their knives outstretched]

Dathan: Stop!! The old man obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. What does he know?

Simeon: Your fathers raised you on the Scriptures I speak of!! But you live with youthful impatience, waiting in the darkness, waiting as we all do. But only God our Father will bring us into the light.

Shimel: Herod and his army continue to inflict suffering on our people!!

Simeon: The Messiah will come!! And Rome will be defeated by the shedding of the blood of one innocent man.

Shimel: The only blood shed this day, old man, is that of a Roman.

Rachel: Don't give into your lust for vengeance.

Simeon: Wait for the Messiah!!

Shimel: Wait for the Messiah, I am sick of waiting. Our time is now!!

[great big song and dance number]

Re: a dramatic interlude

The fact that this impassioned dramatic dialogue (all exclamations have two!! exclamation points!!) ends in a "great big song and dance number" had me almost doubled over in laughter. I imagine William Shatner as Shimel.

Re: a dramatic interlude

You don't know how eagerly I was anticipating your comment to this, err, comment. :-D !! !! !!

Re: a dramatic interlude

nice dialogue! Is that from ladyumvar's play thing? Sorry for barging in on you..I'm semi new to LJ and am just going around reading and looking for friends! Bye!

Re: a dramatic interlude

He needs some more women in his life; it's not confusing enough yet. :-D Lyssa, barge in all you want (even though I'm not "officially" the one who can give that permission). We like you around!!

A confusing life

He needs some more women in his life; it's not confusing enough yet. :-D

Oh Bonni...you have no idea...
Tip from a fellow warrior: Channel your anger to where it can do most good. Kick those demons' butts with good, solid prayer! You'll be amazed at how effective it is and how much better you'll feel. Take it from me. ;) I've just been there.