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Divine appointments

Another day in low-key. Felt good to get a few things done around the apartment. Felt better to make some connections and be used by God.

A couple days back, I mentioned discovering a letter one of my students wrote me in 1998. Jotted him an e-mail yesterday to share how God had used his words to encourage me yet again. Little did I know that He would use that, in turn, for Aaron's edification and guidance.
Man is it great to hear from you! And you probably wouldn’t believe the timing of your email if I told you. I’ve been working at Community Reformed Church up here in Holland, Michigan for 5 years now. I’ve got a year of seminary left and have been thinking quite often about the future. The church has asked me to consider staying, but over the course of the last 4 months or so, I’ve been wondering if God doesn’t have something else in mind. Recently, it became pretty clear to me that I should tell the senior pastor here that God is leading me in a different direction — possibly towards church planting (that scares the heck out of me). I had been putting that conversation off — I think because saying no to Community really eliminates any kind of safety net I had. I had decided to talk to my pastor today, but after a 6 AM breakfast meeting with a church member (nobody thinks clearly when they have to get up that early) and a quiet drive to church, I was talking myself out of having the conversation. Then I sat down at my computer and got an email that reminded me that I wanted to “dream so big that if I fail all I have is God, and if I succeed it can only be because of God.” I took that as a divine knock upside the head. So, I told my pastor that I didn’t think this was the place for my wife and I. Thanks for the email! Sitting here, I am amazed that God would go to such lengths to push me over the edge. (Just as a caveat…the downside of this is that if I don’t find another job I will have to hold you financially responsible for my family’s well-being. I’m sure you don’t mind assuming that responsibility).

Also felt a tug to reestablish contact with Lori, a Central College emigrant now in Seattle. We really haven't spoken since she moved here, which is odd since we grew pretty close in Iowa. She replied to my e-mail right away and filled me in— she's finished a second degree from Northwest College and is now on staff with Redmond Assembly of God.
Captain's Log: Star date (Not so sure). . .

Wow! It's been a long time. I was just, a few seconds ago, going through my address book and I saw your name. I thought "I must write but he may not have the same e-mail then again he might but what if I write a long e-mail and he doesn't get it then I've wasted a lot of time but maybe I should just send him a short e-mail (I know this is a run-on sentence, but it is how my mind works). THEN, I sent an e-mail to my mom and sister, went back to my in-box, and there you were.
Hopefully we can get together and catch up soon.

Met with Erick at Victrola this afternoon. That man is a blessing to me— his heart is stirred by God, and he strives to bring the rest of his life into focus under Him. We talked effortlessly for a couple of hours, and I hope we can grab more time more regularly.

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