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Dangerous income curve ahead

Work goes well, though yesterday I had a rude awakening to how little I'm actually making. I've talked a good game about "knowing I'm going back on the income curve because of my career transition" and all that rot, but I hadn't really let it sink in until I saw what my 2 week paycheck amount will (and won't) be. If I stay where I am, nearly half of my monthly pay will go toward rent. Not good.

But oh well-- I'm sane and even happy, and that's worth the change (I mean it this time). I've historically been pretty careless about money, so that will need to change (quickly). A good life is preferable to a fat paycheck by far. My creditors may disagree, of course.

One of yesterday's blessings was being among the first to meet the newest addition to our church family: Tynan Truth (a boy) was born yesterday morning, and Jen and Nick are very proud (and very tired) parents for the second time. He's a cutie, in a prunish newborn sort of way.

Hey, do you want to listen to the person I'm succeeding in my job? She's a singer/songwriter, and her music (with free MP3s) is here. I think she has an amazing gift.

I'm thankful for people who go outside to make and receive calls on their cell phones. I'd give them a big smooch, but I think that might produce the opposite of the desired effect.
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