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Popcorn wanderlust

Someone left a mostly-empty tub of Jelly Bellys on my desk. Every time I eat a buttered popcorn one, I think I should just get out of here and go see a movie.


I love those things.

Have you bit down on a Jalapeno flavored one yet?
Not in this batch. Those are the darndest things!

(maybe to be hip they could add a chipotle one...)
..I'm trying to figure out if that sounds good or nasty. I still can't figure out if I like the jalapeno ones or not. They're just so odd.

Of course, I keep eating them, but that doesn't mean anything. It could be kinda like with Data... "That's it! I hate this! May I have more?"
"It is...it is...it is green."
Exactly! And if you bite it in half...it's red too. Or it was, in the early 90s. (been a while since I've been able to splurge on jellybelly beans)
*busts out laughing* Thanks! I needed that!