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Popcorn wanderlust

Someone left a mostly-empty tub of Jelly Bellys on my desk. Every time I eat a buttered popcorn one, I think I should just get out of here and go see a movie.


how could you know...

...i was just dreaming about escaping to a movie? let's go!

Re: how could you know...

I have a way of knowing these things. And, quite by accident, I just ate two more buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys.

What movie would you like to see?

now you're asking me to make a decision?

i heard pirates of the caribbean was surprisingly good from several sources. seen that? i haven't seen anything that's out right now. your call.

Re: now you're asking me to make a decision?

It has Johnny Depp and pirates– how bad can it be?

(Don't answer that...)

It does sound like a great afternoon escape movie.

Re: now you're asking me to make a decision?

You should go!
I hate the buttered popcorn flavor. ;)
No movie for you! :)
I love those things.

Have you bit down on a Jalapeno flavored one yet?
Not in this batch. Those are the darndest things!

(maybe to be hip they could add a chipotle one...)
..I'm trying to figure out if that sounds good or nasty. I still can't figure out if I like the jalapeno ones or not. They're just so odd.

Of course, I keep eating them, but that doesn't mean anything. It could be kinda like with Data... "That's it! I hate this! May I have more?"
"It is...it is...it is green."
Exactly! And if you bite it in half...it's red too. Or it was, in the early 90s. (been a while since I've been able to splurge on jellybelly beans)
*busts out laughing* Thanks! I needed that!
salted and buttered sugar. Those things are disgusting.
I know. Aren't they wonderful?

Watched four hours of SG-1 last night. I will assimilate all geekiness.
Bleck bleck. Some tastes just should not be combined.

As for SG-1, I've started watching again this season. Seems they've fixed some of the things that bugged me about the show.

mmm... jellybellies

jellybellies roxor... The coconut ones are way good. y'all should check out the free tour if your ever in Fairfield, California. It almost makes Fairfield a worthwhile place to be. That and the In-N-Out.