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I am notorious for doing my homework, yet today I stumble upon a gap— research I assumed I had done, but in fact had not. Most unusual. This could be interesting. Time to dig in.

The list of things I consider important is too long and entirely out of order.

My beautiful nieces can be seen here. If the internet weren't good for another single thing (and some days I wonder), this would be enough.



They are so cute!
And also born on one my best friends birthdays!

The obligatory "awwwwww" commences in 3....2.....1.....


The time for obligatory "awwwww"s has ended.
They're so cute! Congrats! Hope you manage to get started on that research soon, and that God leads you to valid sources.
Congratulations on becoming an uncle twice over!
Research? I love research.

Your nieces are adorable. An excellent use of the Internet if I ever saw one.