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Reining it in

Thursday was twelve hours of work, good and productive. Especially encouraged by the Leadership Team meeting in the evening, although I regretted being unable to join my Community Group. For a while, I'd forgotten that work could feel like anything other than a hamster in a wheel. Progress, productivity, accomplishment, momentum, hope— these are welcome guests in my workplace, and I'd like them to stick around. Also makes it easier to rest and live into life beyond work.

Today was only half-successful as a day off— two incoming work calls, one outgoing, a debate, a mass e-mail, and a meeting. Even so, I had plenty of margin and opportunity for rest. My own sabotage of my time and energy is a deeper concern. Went to dinner and Hulk with taci and Connor this evening. Enjoyable movie: great effects, interesting cinematography, and complex themes under the storyline.

Yanked all the communities but The joshuaproject from my friends list tonight. Prefer to read about lives on my friends page right now and save interests, etc. for reading on their own respective pages. It was giving me the nagging feeling of being constantly interrupted as I try to listen, and I do want to listen as I read.

That alone is unlikely to bring my train of thought under control, but need to take the small steps when I can.



I had two response windows open....one to this, one to an entry in imbrium's LJ. I meant to leave the comment I deleted in HER LJ. ::blush!::


Yeah, the Hulk was good. ^_^ (but wasn't that splash in the bay kinda...well...dinky? I mean, c'mon, they couldn't use CGI to make it look more appropriate? I was expecting this big ol' Tidal Wave proportion splash! ;_; I was sad)

The scene with the tanks seriously rocked. Now that... was the HULK!

And I know what you mean about feeling like a hampster in a wheel. >_< Hopefully the deletion thinger will help get rid of that.
The joshuaproject is certainly a sporadic community. I'm sorry for not posting there more, for I know that I am experiencing the sort of things that you'd like to see there. For example, the whole "logos and light" in Tolkien's world that I've been investigating lately. It's joshuaproject material for sure. The beautiful intricacies of language are such a smooth mirror for me to look up to God ... it's fascinating stuff. But I'm having a really hard time bringing it all into writing. Writing about language -- TOUGH!!