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Not every entry can be brilliant, you know...

Unwinding at the Hopvine, which gives me a few moments to write. The Alaskan Summer Ale goes down smooth and with a smile. Neglected lunch, so I look forward to my sandwich.

Lunch at Adam & Erika's house after work and worship yesterday, part of a "lunch for six" program to help people from our church get to know one another better. Besides enjoying myself, I saw God's fingerprints all over the time. Adam is on the committee searching for a new senior pastor and has doubts about calling Dave to our pulpit on a permanent basis. Kent & Kris, another couple at our lunch, started attending our church within the last year and are firmly convinced that Dave should stay on as pastor. Had it not been for lunch, they'd likely not have crossed paths, but Adam (admittedly) needs to be hearing from people like them during this time of consideration.

Productive office time today. Paid some bills thanks in part to a healthy offering Sunday morning. The congregation has responded with great generosity since we began sharing more about our church's financial state three weeks ago— this week's offering was about four times what we saw a month ago! Also got some prayer time with Dave toward the end of the day; hard to believe we haven't carved out this kind of regular time one-on-one sooner. Relationships always have room for growth, thank God.

Prior to coming here, dropped off some more U.S.E. LPs (Jolly Rancher flavor) at Sonic Boom. Not a fan of the inevitable haggling, but stubbornness has its advantages. Excited that they sold out of their first batch and wish them many happy returns. With the glowing article in the Seattle Times Sunday and the outstanding show at the Capitol Hill Block Party Sunday evening, I suspect they'll need to restock again soon.

Feel a bit like a reporter of my own life on a slow news day. Vanity makes me want to not post this exercise in dull writing, but integrity calls me to take the plunge. Besides, I've now finished off my sandwich and pint, as well as performing the minor service miracle of getting my check and getting them to ring it up (took copious notes for future reference). That's my cue to move on.

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