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I love The Truth About Cats and Dogs, and not just because Janeane Garofalo is my actress girlfriend.

Went on a walk around sunset to get some errands done and just enjoy the evening breeze. Some clouds rolled low over the sound. I love my city. God gives me moments like this. Earlier this week, I walked at night with a clear, moonlit, star-sprinkled sky overhead. Those stars are an urban rarity, but somehow the streetlights along my walk were unlit. My Abba is very fond of me.


that's quite a nice movie. you mean there's a few more people
out there who think she's a teriffic actress/comic?~paul
Wicked cool sunset. (Bravo!) There were some blissful cloudbursts over Shoreline this evening. Lake WA was steely grey with choppy little whitecaps on the south side of the 520 bridge. Such artistry.
what do you love about it?

Why I love it

Why in the world does it take me two days to answer a simple question?

Besides Janeane (who is acerbically delightful), I love the Cyrano de Bergerac theme: that love looks beyond the surface and is deeper than mere attraction. Also, the truth that love takes time, it builds and grows and is sometimes something you realize has been in an unexpected place all along.

Oh, and Hank the dog rules.