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Having trouble getting rolling on all levels this morning. It's Monday morning to the core, I think. My eyelids are droopy and my muscles feel tired (even though they haven't really done much of anything). My brain isn't focusing, though the inane Tully's music could account for some of that (it probably wouldn't be so bad if it weren't louder than I prefer). Today I'll try to absorb more training-type stuff at the office. It shouldn't be too demanding with Tommy, Dave, and Suzanne all away. I'll be even more comfortable soon once the training period is over and I'm on my own. Perhaps it's silly, but as long as both Shannon and I are there, I don't feel like there's a place of my own at work. Actually, that's literally true: I end up pulling up a chair for this, that, and the other thing, without my own desk, chair, computer, phone, etc. Five more days and I'll be good to go.