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"Bad form, Pe-tah!"

The stars are all my friends
when the nightime ends,
so I know I'm not alone,
when I'm here, on my own.
Isn't that a wonder?
When you're alone,
you're not alone, not really alone.

—Maggie Banning, Hook

Somewhere along the line, without my realizing it, Hook managed to sneak up on me and become one of my favorite movies.



hello. i'm a random stranger... i found you by way of lessmess's friends page. i'm a fellow christian, and i enjoy reading your entries. mind if i add you as a friend?

Re: greetings

It'd be my honor. And vice versa?

Re: greetings

of course. :)
Hook! Excellent, excellent film.

I completely agree. In fact, I've watched part of it again since I wrote this entry. So good!