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Finishing out the month

Kids say the darndest things sometimes. Restocked on irony, as if my supply were getting low.

Praising God for His faithfulness today. Had to give a fairly grim wake up call to our congregation regarding the church's finances yesterday, though I tried to do so in a spirit of hope. At our current rates of giving, we simply wouldn't have been able to pay this week's bills. Offering came in at triple the levels of the prior two weeks, so I can write checks today (including my own payroll check) without fear. Our church is generally faithful and generous, but it's important that we give them regular updates on finances and giving if we truly believe that giving is worship. Failing to do so would be like calling people to worship in song without giving them music.

Would really like there to be a holiday in this holiday weekend, but since I have Fridays off anyway, and since there's the same amount of work each week in the church business (plus another Finance Team meeting on Sunday), I don't want to get my hopes up. Still, having Thursday off is something to shoot for and pray about.

Vacation keeps being suggested. Somehow, I think I'd find a way to make that into yet another adventure.

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