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Screwtape unleashed

Patterns, strategies, targets, attacks. I don't write much about spiritual warfare, but perhaps that should change. The idea offends our modern sensibilities for the same reason Christ Himself does—it means there's something bigger than us, that we are not "the captains of our souls." I pray that my sensibilities will be more informed by my King than my culture, and if this is so, there are battles which demand attention.

Sidelining seems to be a key tactic: keep the people of God occupied with smaller stories, petty offenses and shallow loves, the pursuit of our own already-secured glory or the guilt of our own already-forgiven sin. Give them good instead of best, a good that is no good at all and will rot from the inside. Keep them isolated from one another or wrapped up in one another. Don't let them be in community with other believers, and never, ever let them truly enter the worship of Jesus. Make them believe their failures are final and their triumphs are titanic—anything that keeps them at the center of their universes. If they occupy His seat, how can His presence move them, heal them, love them?

Saw some patterns today, some lies I've believed, some truths I've failed to speak or live. A couple of times I felt the darkness, could almost see it. Today was a day of warfare, of tipping dominos toward the goal of discouragement. I confess I am tired, drained. There are lost sheep I don't feel I have the energy to pursue again. Maybe that's pride, or maybe it's just knowing there's a log in my eye.

I don't know if I can come through. But He still can.

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