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Back in action

The shift back into employment has been very good for me, although I already see the necessity of budgeting my time more effectively. I haven't written an entry in a bit; I've been slack in my Scripture and prayer disciplines as well. Now that I'm beginning to gain a sense of my new routine, I should be able to get back on track.

It's great to realize that I can work hard, doing good, meaningful work, and yet not be insanely stressed out of my skull. I've been able to troubleshoot a couple of problems already, mostly computer-related stuff. Sometimes I feel a bit full of training information, but that's just my temperament. It's hard for me to pay rapt attention to someone rather than just doing it.

Went to Red Mill Burgers with Chad tonight. We'd been trying to get together for a while, and it was a high point of my week for a number of reasons. First, the food was amazing. If I'd found it sooner, I'd be that much closer to death by heart failure (but happily!). Second, great conversation-- I had no idea how much we had in common in our histories, and I think God will show me a lot through this friendship. I may write more about what we talked about another time.

All in all, I'm feeling richly blessed to be where God has placed me. There's so much promise at Grace, and I feel as if I'm just beginning to find my place. Beyond Grace, it is good to be slowly but certainly awakened to God's activity in my life. What is He up to? I don't know, but there's hope in that mystery.

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