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Tomorrow is a tsunami

AIl week long I've carried a letter from Elis Samuel, the boy I sponsor in the Dominican Republic through Compassion, in my pocket. A simple translated sentence he wrote brings me joy:

I want you to come see me so that I can hug you tightly.

Knocked out the tasks I needed to do before tomorrow and am taking a coffee break. My head is newly shorn; it is good to shed the burdens I can. Seattle is sunny and warm, bordering on hot, at least for us. Many take their coffee iced on days like this, but I chose the traditional route, perhaps with the skewed notion that I can establish some kind of temperature equilibrium inside my body. It's still good— I stand by my decision. The sun gives me a headache, literally, much like eating ice cream too fast. Thus far, I've procrastinated buying new sunglasses. Pain can be an excellent motivator.

Tomorrow is a tsunami: work and worship from 07:30 to 13:00, intro seminar for prospective members from 13:00 to 17:00, and "Grace on Tap" from 18:30 to 23:00 at Conor Byrne. Seattleites are invited to the lattermost–it's free and the musical lineup is:
  • Aaron Sprinkle
  • Paul Mumaw
  • Jamie Blood & Charles Dean
  • Michellica
  • Roan Hartzog


you seem like a busy guy, but i think it's cool what you do. i hope to go into christian ministry some day... but i'm not sure if i'm just romanticizing it sometimes. at this point, it seems like a much more attractive alternative than staring up at the corporate ladder from the bottom rung.
May I advise briefly?

Do go visit Elis Samuel sometime soon, preferably during 2003. Yes, it would thrill him, but I think it would also be just the sort of intentional retreat that your heart and soul need just now. Go.

See you later, kid. :-D
Extra-hot, light vanilla, grande latte. Not iced. 7pm in glaring sun.