Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Under the tree

Days have been full and fast. I've failed to slow down much, but sometimes I'm taken by surprise and end up with a few unexpected moments. In this case, I had an evening meeting for work, so I turned over my apartment keys to Nate so that my Community Group could meet at my apartment as usual. The meeting adjourned prior to the end time for CG, so I headed home. My group, however, has apparently gone elsewhere, probably to enjoy the beautiful weather. And here I sit, under a tree outside my apartment window, without keys. And thanks to the wonders of wireless internet, I'm online, using the transmission from my own apartment. Kooky.

I can't sum up. There hasn't been a ton to write about, anyway. With so much going this week, I'll be investing some office time tomorrow. That's not stressful or begrudged, though I am in need of some down time soon. Haven't spent time alone with and focused on God in embarrassingly long. A few moments under this tree have been welcome.
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